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Essay on The Teacher I Like Best

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Introduction: A teacher is a very important person in society. all over the world. He is the builder of the deal with the children and young people. He teaches his students not only book a lesson but also morality. manner, custom, duty, and responsibility. So, he must be a person, who has a pleasing personality. He must be a talented, efficient, well presenting, amiable, helping person, rich with the current knowledge.

My favorite teacher: The teacher I like most is Mr. Raihan. He is our class teacher. He has been a permanent impression on my mind by his amiable behaviors, the art of teaching and other noble qualities.

His ability: He creates interest in the mind of the students about the subject he teaches. So, we listen, to him with proper attention. His convincing power is very great. He makes us confident. His voice is very sweet and impressive. He tries his best to make us ideal students and perfect men.

Qualities: Mr. Raihan is an ideal teacher. He is dutiful, sincere and honest. He takes special care to the weak student. Even outside the school, he takes care of the students. He checks and rectifies a student who may have joined an evil company. Such as his love and kindness to students. He never hesitates to lend money to help a needy boy.

Why I like him: He does not hanker after cheap popularity. Though he has a soft corner for us in his heart, he does not let us go unpunished if we are negligent in our studies. He always wants to see that we have learned our lessons. He is strict to maintaining discipline both in the classroom and in the field. He takes part the extra-curricular activities of the students. He is a friend, philosopher, and guide to us. A teacher like him is rare. So, I like him, best.

Conclusion: Mr. Raihan is a born teacher. We should follow’ his footprint in order to shine in our life.

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