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Essay on The Rickshawala Or, A Rickshaw Puller

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Introduction: A man who pulls a rickshaw, is called a Rickshawala or a Rickshaw Puller. He is a familiar person in towns and in some villages too. Now rickshaw is a common means of communication in Bangladesh. There is hardly a street or lane in a city where a rickshaw puller is not found.

His nature of work: A Rickshawala is a hard laborer. He works in all seasons. He goes out in the morning and works in sun and shower. He drives his rickshaw from place to place. He feels very tired. But he cannot take rest because he has to maintain his family by his income.

His knowledge: A Rickshawala is illiterate. But he has knowledge about traffic rules. He knows how to catch passengers. He can easily recognize the newcomers.

His nature: He is very clever by nature. He demands a high rate of fare during office hours and in foul weather. He is often impolite and rough with passengers.

His life: His life is very miserable. He is a very poor man and he leads a hard life with a small income. Sometimes he is wounded or killed by the accident.

His financial condition: He is generally not the owner of the rickshaw. He hires it from a rich man. So, the loans share of his earning goes to the pocket of a rickshaw owner. Sometimes he spends his earning in drinking and gambling. As a result, his wife and children have to stare?

His centers: A Rickshawala moves round for passengers. Sometimes he waits for them on main roads, at bus-stops or in front of offices and shopping centers.

His importance: A Rickshawala renders faithful and essential services to us. He is a great friend to us all. People can go to different places at a reasonable fare in a rickshaw.

Conclusion: A Rickshawala ‘s labor is inhuman. Sometimes the dishonest people do not pay his fare. He has fear of the police. Because he Is beaten by traffic police for violation of traffic law. But we should treat him with sympathy.

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