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Essay on The Peasant of Bangladesh Or, The Life of a Peasant

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[Hints: Introduction, His life, His daily life, Ignorance, how to solve the problems, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Bangladesh mainly depends on agriculture. The peasantry of our country is the backbone of the nation. A peasant grows agricultural product by doing hard labor for the whole year. He is the pride and hope of this country. But his life is a sad tale of poverty and misery. He passes his days in wants and distress all the year round. He lives from hand to mouth. He often goes without food.

His life: A peasant of Bangladesh is deprived of the present civilized world having modern amenities of life. He is a helpless victim to the forces of nature. He suffers from constant poverty. The rain pours down through his leaky roof, the sun burns his skin and the mosquitoes bite him cruelly. He cannot give food and clothes to his family. His family suffers from various kinds of diseases. Very often he starves with his family.

His daily life: The daily life of a peasant in Bangladesh is one of endless struggle. In the early morning, he gets up and says his morning prayers. Then he eats watered rice with green chili and onion or only with salt. Then he goes out in search of work. Hard work for a day cannot bring enough food for his family. In the rainy season, he keeps himself busy in the paddy fields.

Ignorance: A peasant is ignorant of the outside world. He is not acquainted with the modern scientific methods of plowing. So, she follows the old method of cultivation.

How to solve the problems: As every disease has it’s remedied every problem has its solution. the economic problem which has fallen upon a peasant since many years must have its solution. Both the government and the people should come forward to solve his problem.

Conclusion: Our prosperity depends largely on the improvement of agriculture. We cannot think anything else than the development of our peasants. Their development means the development of the nation.

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