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Essay on The Most Interesting Person I Have Ever Met

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[Hints: Introduction, His physical features, his behavior, His other qualities, His peculiarities, Conclusion.]

Introduction: We live in society and there are many people around us. These people are different in their nature and behavior. So, we are not equally interested in them. But there is a person called Anis Ahmed Chowdhury lives in our locality. His towering personality ‘and certain qualities have made me interested in him. He is really an interesting person. He lives just opposite our house.

His physical features: Mr. Chowdhury is a retired government bureaucrat, about sixty years old. He is a tall man with a big body. He is strong and healthy and looks younger than his age.

His behavior: Mr. Chowdhury is a serious man with a forceful personality. But he is very friendly and amiable. He is very gentle and polite too. He is never rude to anybody. He behaves well with people. He has a great love for children. He mixed with them freely and likes talking with them.

His other qualities: Mr. Chowdhury is a social person. He visits his neighbors regularly and shares their joys and sorrows.
When anybody has any problem, he tries his best to solve it. He also actively participates in social welfare activities.

His peculiarities: Despite his good inspiring qualities Mr. Chowdhury has some peculiarities in his dress, diets, and behavior. He always wears clothes of classic fashion and a hat on his head. He is also a voracious eater and usually eats a big meal. He eats four eggs and a dozen bananas among other things for his breakfast. He sometimes does not behave sensibly which is inconsistent with his usual behavior. As a government high official, he visited many places, both at home and abroad. He had wide experiences with different people and places. But it is irritating that whenever he meets someone, he begins recounting his experiences, not showing any consideration for him or her. Mr. Chowdhury often visits people to have a chat even at a time when they are preoccupied with something important, causing much trouble for him.

Conclusion: Mr. Anis Ahmed Chowdhury, despite all his peculiarities and a few defects, is liked by everyone in our locality. He possesses so many qualities that I have already become one of his admirers. Frankly speaking, I have never seen -such an interesting person like him in my life.

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