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Essay on The Independence Day of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Independence means the state of being independent or free. Independence day means the day on which the declaration of free Government is given. Independence day is a red letter day in the history of every nation. The 26th March 1971, on which the independence day of Bangladesh was declared, is regarded as our independence day. It is a red letter day in our national life.

Background: In 1947, Pakistan emerged as a Muslim state with its two wings-East and West Pakistan. Immediately after the creation of Pakistan, the people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) realized the unfair, unfriendly and suppressing attitude of West Pakistan dominated Pakistani rulers. In 1948, Mr. Jinnah, the first Governor General of Pakistan declared at Dhaka that Urdu alone would be the state language of Pakistan. The Pakistan attempt of imposing Urdu upon the Bengalis led the language Movement started. In 1969, a large-scale mass revolution started against the dictatorial rule of Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan. But the west Pakistani rulers tried to stop the voice of general mass by bullets. During the undemocratic and oppressive rule of Ayub Khan, Shaik Mujibur Rahman- the uncompromising champion of Bangalee nationalism, announced his famous six points which terribly shook the throne of Pindi. Agartala conspiracy case was framed against Shaikh Mujubur Rahman Mujubur Rahman. A tremendous mass movement started demanding the release of Sk. Mujib. At last the powerful dictator had to submit to the awful majesty of the people and abdicate in favor of Yahya Khan. Yahya Khan held a general election in Pakistan, The Awami won a sweeping victory in the election and, therefore, had the legal right to form the government. Mr. Bhutto stood as an obstacle in the way of transferring power to the Awami League, the Majority party of the country. The ruling Junta started a dialogue with the Shaikh and his party leaders. But under cover of negotiation and settlement, they hatched a conspiracy to wipe out Bangladeshi nationalism once for all. On the might of March 25, 1971, the barbarous Pak Army launched an inhuman attack on the innocent, unarmed and peace-loving citizens of Bangladesh. On that night Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence of Bangladesh thought he was arrested on that very night: From that night struggle and fighting between Bangladeshi freedom fighters and west Pakistani soldiers started. The Pak Army killed Bagalees like cats and doge, burnt their houses, looted their property, raped their women folk and so on. But no bullet could subdue the indomitable spirit of Bangladeshi nationalism. After nine months hard struggle, Bangladesh emerged as an independent state.

Preparation and Celebration/ How the day is observed/ Special program: The 26th March is celebrated as the Independence Day. People anxiously wait to observe the day. On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence. The Govt. different organization and institutions chalk out detailed programmers to celebrate the day. Every year, the day is observed in a befitting manner. throughout the country. The national flag is hoisted in all important offices, private and public students gather together and hoist the national flag solemnly. In town and cities, the national flag is hoisted ceremonially in the midst of jubilation of innumerable people with crackers, bombs, and drams. Various units of, the armed force parade before the spectators. Educational Institutions and offices remain closed. Houses and all important places are well decorated. Dhaka, the capital of our country, takes a festive look. After mid-day, seminars are held in most of the educational institutions. Special prayers are offered for the martyrs in all mosques, temples cultural organizations hold functions to commemorate the day. In the evening all the houses, important private and government buildings are illuminated. Radio and Television centers issue special programme. The beggars are given alms and fed. Sweets are distributed among the children.

Other activities/Games and sports: As it is a cheerful day in the history of Bangladesh, various kinds of games and sports are held to celebrate this day. Generally games like football, volleyball, cricket, boat-race etc. are held in different places including thana and district towns. The people attend cultural functions and theatrical performances arranged for the occasion.

Conclusion: The 26th of March, 1971 signaled the start of the liberation war of Bangladesh. This day reminds the people who sacrificed their valuable lives. The day is a symbol of our determination to survive as a nation of self-respecting people. It inspires us with hopes and makes us united and instills into our heart the firm belief that Bangladesh has come to stay. i) So the 26th March will be remembered forever as the independence day in the history of Bangladesh. ii) It is a day of great joy and rejoicing.

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