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Essay On Radio

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Introduction: Radio is one of the miracles of modern science. Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless instrument. By its human voice was first sent through the air without a wire in 1901 from London to America. The whole world was amazed by this.

What a radio is: When we speak, we move our tongues. This causes waves in the air with the help of electricity. Those waves can be made to move very quickly. These fast-moving electric waves can be received by a machine called Radio.

Conquered time and distance: Radio has practically shortened and conquered the distance. The happenings in a country area once relayed all over the world. It has also saved time.

Its popularity: The invention of the radio has made valuable contributions to many sides of our life. When we are tired and fatigued, we can relax our mind with songs, music, and dramas. It helps people to know the news of the day, weather reports and other things necessary for daily life. It is a very useful means for educating the maws. It not only serves as recreation to the students but also perfects their knowledge.

Conclusion: Radio is now largely used for advertisement and propaganda. It helps to create public opinion. Its talks and songs are understood. Thus, radio is a source of entertainment and knowledge. It is a teacher, a friend and a guide to us. After day’s hard work the radio gives us a very reproaching joy and the energy. In a word, radio is meant for all the young and old, the students and the teachers, the rich and the poor men and women of all countries and of all tastes.

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