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Essay on Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction, Different calamities, Reasons, Description, Conclusion]

Introduction: Bangladesh is a fair land. But it is also a land which experiences natural calamities of all kinds almost every year.

Different calamities: The calamities that these land experiences are the northwesterly wind, cyclones, tornados, drought, and then excessive rain and floods. The very name of each of these calamities is enough to present before our eyes a vivid picture of the devastating effects caused by them.

Reasons: The geographical position of Bangladesh is such that it is located in the monsoon region, and the natural calamities are due to her physical features.

Description: The northwesterly wind lashes this land generally in the months of Chaitra and Baishakh. It comes suddenly and causes serious damage to life and property.

The cyclones occur on account of depression in the Bay of Bengal. They cause terrible destruction. People suffer greatly for want of food and pure drinking water. Man becomes helpless when it occurs with a mighty violence. Tornados also demolish things causing damage no less severe than the cyclones.

Then there are the dangers of the tidal-bores. Of course, these tidal bores affect the coastal districts. Sudden on the rush of high walls of water washes away everything of the affected area. Then there are epidemics in the wake of floods and other such natural calamities.

Drought causes fall in the production of food grains. It is generally followed by famine.

Then comes the question of the flood. Flood has become almost common in this land. It makes life miserable from all considerations.

Conclusion: Man is helpless against such forces of natural calamities. The only thing that can be done is to see what best precautionary measures can be taken by the joint efforts of the government and the people.

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