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Essay on My Favorite Person: Kazi Nazrul Islam

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I know about many great persons, poets, and authors. I have read a lot of works of many poets and authors. None of them have impressed me so much as Kazi Nazrul Islam. He is our national poet. He is my favorite poet as well as a favorite person. He is also known as a rebel poet. He was a versatile genius. He wrote poetry, drama, novels, short stories, songs, gajals etc. He is my favorite person for a lot of reasons.

Kazi Nazrul Islam was born at Churulia in the district of Burdwan in 1899. His father’s name was, Kazi Fakir Ahmed and his mother’s name was Zahida Khatun. His nickname was Dukhu Mia.

Kazi Nazrul Islam’s early life was not a happy one. He had to pass his early life through much hardship. After his father’s death, he had to run his family. He was reading in a primary school. But he was not attentive there. He was a restless boy.

He was the teacher in the village Moktab. He was also a Muezzin. He started writing in his early life. He joined a musical party called ‘Leto’. He wrote many songs for ‘Leto’. He flew from home at the age of twelve. He worked as a baker’s boy for sometimes. A Muslim sub-inspector sent Nazrul to his village for education. But Nazrul left his education and joined an opera party.

Nazrul joined the army during the First World War. After the war, he came to Kolkata. Here he wrote the famous poem ‘Bidrohi’. It brought him fame all over the country. He also published a magazine from Calcutta. The British rulers sent him to jail for writing the poem “Anandamoyir Agomone”. His famous works are Agnibina, Bisher Banshi, Badharihara, Dolanchapa, Sarbahara etc.

Kazi Nazrul Islam has a great contribution to our independence. His poetry inspired our freedom fighters. His rebellious songs were played from the ‘Shadhin Bangla Betar’.

Kazi Naznil was suffering from an incurable disease. He lost his ability to speak. After long suffering, this great poet died in 1976. His body lies buried beside the Dhaka University Mosque.

Nazrul was a freedom loving man. He wanted to free the society from exploitation. He was a poet of humanity. His contribution to Bengali literature cannot be described in words. Today we all remember him with great honor.

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