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Essay on Life in A Village

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[Hints: Introduction, beauty, and pleasure, villagers, Disadvantage, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Ours is an agricultural country. About eighty-five percent of our people are farmers. They live in villages. So, village life in our country is very important and useful. So various schemes should be planned to improve the village life.

Beauty and pleasure: Our villages are full of beauties of nature. They are not yet soiled by human hand. The beautiful sights and the sweet sounds of nature are still there to feed the eyes and cars of the people living in villages. These also give great pleasure in every mind. The air in the open fields around the village is pure. It is not made impure by dust and smoke of factories. Fatal road accidents are also absent in villages.

Villages: The village people are simple. There are a good neighbor relation and fellow feeling among the village people. They share in joys and sorrows mutually. Deceit, fraud, and treachery have much less scope in the village. So, they are found less rural areas.

Disadvantage: But the village life is not an unmixed good. The villages are poor and have not the minimum comforts arid advantage of life. The villages have no roads. These go under water in the rainy season. Then the villages cannot go to one place to another on foot.

There are good schools and colleges in the village. So, the children of the villages cannot receive a proper education. There are no good dispensary and hospital in villages. Even there is not a good doctor there. So, the villages people die without proper medical treatment. All those disadvantages should be removed to make the village life good and comfortable.

Conclusion: Yet the village-site is safe, cold and mild as far I think. This is why I like village life.

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