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Essay on Information Technology and Bangladesh

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Hints: Introduction, Concept of Information Technology, Emergence of ‘IT’, Prospects of ‘IT’ industry in Bangladesh, Problems of ‘IT’ industry in Bangladesh, Recommendations, Conclusion.


Information technology, which is popularly known as IT, is the talk of the time. Now, IT is very important and indispensable to the life of human beings. In this modern world, it is called “Information is power”. Because information is working as the driving force in each sector which has played a vital role to increase the importance of information technology or IT.

Concept of Information Technology

Though IT is a much-spoken term nowadays, a few people in our country have a clear idea about it. Technology that collects and stores data, processes them, and transmits as information is called information technology. These functions are done through computers and communication networks. Computers are a major segment of the new information technologies. Though telex, telephone, TV, etc. are also components of IT, normally it means com-puter technology.

The emergence of ‘IT’

It was really inconceivable that the microprocessor invented by INTEL in the early eighteenth decade could drive IT towards the present situation. In the beginning years, its uses were limited. But, due to the efforts of creative com-puter specialists, its uses have been increased extensively. In the beginning, the operating system was text-oriented such as DOS. Later, the graphic operating system is invented and it creates the computer revolution or revolution of IT. Information technology has opened a new door to hope to invent network-ing systems. E-mail, V-mail, internet, etc. are the results of networking technology. This networking system has built a “Global Information Village” creating an “Information superhighway”.

Prospects of ‘IT’ industry in Bangladesh

IT industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. IT education has opened up a new frontier for the youth today. The scope and prospects of the IT industry are very bright in Bangladesh also. Bangladesh has a substantial number of educated unemployed youth forces. Taking IT training they can involve themselves in IT industries. Some developed countries are suffering from a shortage of skilled IT professionals. The USA alone needed 6,00,000 additional programmers by the year 2010. So, Bangladesh can use such a type of opportunity.

Another important factor in favor of the IT industry in Bangladesh is the increased zeal of youth regarding it. Consciousness has been increased amongst young people. If proper training facilities can be given to them, they can play an important role to develop our IT industry. Several private organizations have been established that offer training facilities. IBCS-PRIMAX, NIIT, APTECH, DESKTOP, BRAC, etc. are the name of the various popular and leading computer education centers. Besides, various universities are providing computer education including BUET and Dhaka University. The performance of the graduates of these universities is very good. It shows a positive sign regarding the future of the IT industry.

Many private organizations have already been computerized and others are in the process. So, it can be assumed that an extensive scope is creating internal-ly. According to Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, 50% of recommendations of the JRC Committee have been implemented within September 2000. He also informs that the rate of internet users in Bangladesh is higher than in India. It really indicates a positive sign.

Problems of ‘IT’ industry in Bangladesh

Though the developed countries have utilized cent percent utility of IT, our achievement is not satisfactory at all. There are several causes behind this. The main causes are:

  1. Infrastructural facilities are very poor and inappropriate according to demand. There is a limited facility for high-speed data transmission.
  2. Lack of investment is another problem of IT development in Bangladesh. Investment in the IT sector in our country is very poor compared with other countries.
  3. Language is also a great problem to develop the IT industry. The language of the computer in English. But, most of the students of our country are so weak in English that they cannot learn and understand IT properly.
  4. There are shortages of skilled manpower in Bangladesh. Persons who are skilled in IT go abroad where they get more facilities.
  5. Still, a little portion of our total population uses computers. Poor knowledge and the high price of computers are the main reasons behind this.
  6. The government initiative is not satisfactory in this sector. Private organizations are offering IT education mainly which is very costly and beyond the capacity of the general public.
  7. The absence of ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ is discouraging research and development. Besides, lack of standard books, skilled trainers, poor marketing system are also barriers to develop IT in Bangladesh.


To develop IT in Bangladesh which is a new but great challenge for the new century, the following measures may be advised:

  1. Government has to take main responsibility to develop the IT sector.
  2. More investment is a must in this sector. Foreign investment should be encouraged in the IT sector.
  3. BCC ( Bangladesh Computer Council) will have to be strengthened.
  4. It is essential to redesign course-curriculum computer education at college and university levels.
  5. Higher-level special need-based training should be provided to IT professionals graduating from various institutes.
  6. Setting up an IT village with all required infrastructural facilities would be helpful to develop IT.
  7. Government should enact the ‘Intellectual Property Right Act’ immediately.
  8. More emphasis should be given to software development.
  9. Special incentives should be given for distinctive works on IT etc.


It is the era of information technology. The world is changing rapidly due to IT. The countries which made conscious decisions and families to take advantage of changes have been the gainer. But, we have failed to have access to this world. Even India, Sri Lanka, etc. neighboring country’s position is better than that of Bangladesh. So, it has become essential for Bangladesh to give priority to the development of the IT sector.

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