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Essay on How to Be A Smart Road User

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The roads of our country are choked with trucks, cars, motorcycles and other vesicles. Often we read or hear’ of severe road accidents. Every year thousands are killed and many more injured or maimed. Lives and limbs are lost and together with the loved ones. The roads have become a major killing ground.

No one wants to be a casualty or even involved in an accident. So we should be wise to the dangers on the road. We have to be smart when we use them.

While we cannot eliminate accidents completely, most can be avoided by just being sensible when we use the road. Human error is the major cause of accidents. So we can do something about this horror on the roads.

Being smart is to know what we are doing and not to give way to impatience or other emotions, For instance, if we drive a car, we must make sure that our car is roadworthy. We have to check the lights and especially the brakes to see whether they are in good working order. Faulty brakes will almost certainly result in an accident when an emergency arises. Driving without lights at night is an invitation to be knocked because we cannot be seen.

In the crowded conditions of our roads, it is very easy to be upset especially when we have to get to a destination on time. impatience takes over and before we know it we will be driving recklessly and heading towards an accident. It is far better to arrive late at our destination than to not arrive at all.

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable on the roads. Being small, sometimes other road users do not see them until it is too late. So it is a smart thing for a motorcyclist to make himself as visible as possible, such as wearing bright clothes and switching on his lights even during the day. Of course, he must make sure his machine is in good working condition. He must also make sure he himself is in a fit condition to ride. It is all too easy to fall into the path of a car or a lorry. When that happens it is usually the end as has happened to many young motorcyclists.

To be a smart road user also means that we must drive or ride defensively, that is, we cannot drive or ride as though we are going to war. In an accident, as someone put it so aptly, it does not matter who’s right, only who’s left. Sometimes inconsiderate drivers simply overtake wherever they like, forcing other road users off the road. In this case, it is better to be forced off the road than to insist on our right of the way especially if the inconsiderate driver is driving a lorry. I would rather be the one left using the road than to be a martyr.

Finally, we must ensure that we are alert when we use the roads. Being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol is not being smart. Being emotional about someone or something is not being smart either. In these cases, our ability to handle our vehicles can be severely affected. The result is not pleasant. So use the roads by all means, but be smart and know what you are doing.

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