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Essay on Honesty Is the Best Policy Or, Honesty

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[Hints: Introduction, how it grows, Value of honesty, the Areal source of happiness, Curse of dishonesty, Examples of an honest man, conclusion.]

Introduction: The chief human qualities are obedience, truthfulness, politeness, kindness, honesty etc. The character is the sum total of all these qualities. Among these human quality’s honesty is the most important. It means to do the right thing, to speak the truth.

How it grows: Honesty is not an inborn quality. Indeed, it is an earned trait. It is the natural tendency of every child to imitate everything around him. When the child is convinced that speaking the truth is a good virtue, he would form the habit of speaking the truth. So, it must be practiced and acquired from the very beginning of the child’s life.

Value of honesty: Honesty is the noblest quality of a man. An honest man is always trusted and loved. He enjoys heavenly bliss in his poor cottage. He is always truthful, dutiful and sincere to his duties and to his word.

A real source of happiness: Honesty leads to success and happiness. An honest man wins the respect and belief of others. He enjoys true happiness.

Curse of dishonesty: A dishonest man is usually very selfish and he makes compromises and surrenders to evil as he is selfish. He can never win respect from people around him. He is never happy in life. So he suffers in the long run.

Examples of honest men: A man is trusted if he is honest. Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) is famous for his honesty. Besides, Hazrat Abdul Quader Mani, Sher-e-Bangla, Moulana Bhasani were all honest man.

Conclusion: Honest people lead a peaceful life. Everybody believes and respects them. So we should learn to speak the truth do the right thing even at the cost of his life.

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