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Essay on Has Your Education Been A Worthwhile Experience?

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I am now in the eleventh year of my school life. At the end of this year, I will sit for the all-important SPM task. All these knowledge remain with me and definitely, they will determine how my later life will proceed, for they have molded my character and attitude.

Sports, games and extra-curricular activities showed me that we can involve ourselves in so many different kinds of activities. I realized that most people are competitive. Very few are not. Aggressive ones normally dominate in sports and games while the quieter ones normally spend their time in less vigorous pursuits like reading and visiting the library. I am fortunate to be able to strike a healthy balance between the two extremes. I am fairly good both in games and studies. However, doing well in one’s studies is of primary importance and it is here that the competition is the fiercest. I learned not to underestimate others, especially the skinny little runt who cowers at the back of the classroom. He is the one who is going to knock all of us flat when the final examination results come out.

In the process of growing up in the school environment, I discovered that teachers are also human. They err and sometimes behave terribly. When I was in primary school, the picture was different. A teacher was something like a superhuman, a know-all and a much feared and respected figure. Now I see that they are like any one of us, except they were born earlier and have a little bit more experience. That does not mean I have lost respect for them. It only means that I do not believe everything they say blindly. I have learned to reason and discriminate.

Summing up, I would say that my education had been worthwhile. I may not be the ideal student that would make an educationist happy but I know. I am not a washout, either. in my heart, I know that the experiences in school were priceless. What I am today is the -direct result of my education. The very fact that I can express my views on paper as I am doing now should vouch for the worth of my education.

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