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Essay on Female Education

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Women are inseparable parts of men. One is incomplete without the other. In Bangladesh, women constitute half of its total population, but they are considered subservient to man. They have been confined within the four walls of the home. Besides, they are deprived of the light of education. As a result, they remain illiterate and uneducated.

Education enlightens the inner intellectual faculty of human beings. It develops our rational and moral instant through a formal training. If educated, a man or woman can perform his/her duties perfectly and proficiently.

It can be said undoubtedly that today’s girls are the future women and one day they will be mothers of the future. A mother plays a very significant part in her family. So far as the caring and sharing of the children are concerned, the role of a mother remains very important. If a mother is educated she can bring up her children in a constructive way. On the other hand, an uneducated mother cannot render her service even to family, let alone to society and the country. An educated mother knows better how to educate her children and to make them worthier. Besides, she can discharge her social responsibilities and contribute to the overall development of the country.

The specific role of women in Bangladesh is traditional. From early morning to late night they have to perform the household chores and serve the members of their families. In fact, a woman has to bring forth children, rear them up and cook for the family. But their proper education remains often neglected. Many ignorant parents think that educating their daughters is just wasting money, for they are soon married off. Some people strongly oppose female education. They only believe in women’s traditional role of a mother, a wife and a homemaker. This sort of outlook on the part of the men must be changed.

At present, there has been a significant change in the outlook of men and society. Many socioeconomic factors are responsible for this change. The women have crossed the bounds of home. All possible facilities of female education have been extended. Avenues of women’s empowerment and employment have been opened up. Nowadays, coming out of their cocoons they are joining a wide range of professions. In fact, no development of the country is at all possible if one half of its population is kept out of the way. So scopes should be created so that women may play their part effectively in society. And to perform this job education is a must for women. Otherwise, they will remain backward.

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