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Essay On Evils of Smoking

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Introduction: Smoking is a bad habit. But it is prevalent all over the world. People of all ages are addicted to it. Especially our farmers are very fond of it. Some people are so addicted that they would prefer smoking instead of food. Smokers think that smoking removes their tiredness and tiredness and gives them strength to carry on their work.

Kinds of smoking: nowadays Biri and cigarette are most common smoking. Besides these, hookah a is still in use in the village and village shops. Some old man still prefers hookah to Biri-cigarette. In the hilly areas, there is another kind of smoking way called Daba.

How smoking spread: Elderly people have seen smoking. Sometimes young ones are asked prepare a hookah. Thus, young people allude to smoking. They try to follow their seniors. Again, young men can help non-smoker friends to be addicted to smoking. In this way, smoking spreads everywhere.

Demerits: Smoking, as the doctors say, has no merit at all. It is full of demerits. It causes incurable disease like cancer. It attacks lungs. A poison called nicotine is in tobacco. This nicotine enters into lungs and mixes with the blood of the body and causes different diseases like bronchitis, asthma, heart disease and gastric ulcer etc.

How to prevent smoking: To prevent smoking, its bad sides should be published in different media. Non-smoking Zones like school, colleges, buses, hospitals etc. should be increased. If all offices Govt. and non-Govt. and non-Govt. are declared non-smoking zones. It will be a great step forward for the prevention of smoking. Those who cannot give up smoking should not smoke openly. They should make in a private place.

Conclusion: Smoking is a habit which cannot be given up easily. So, measures should be taken to discourage people to be newly addicted to smoking. Import and production of tobacco should be dissuaded. Slogans against smoking may be inserted on packets of necessary things. Smokers should be heated. Govt. should comforter boldly to give up revenue that accrues from tobacco.

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