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Essay on Describe What Must Be Done to Keep Your Area and Home Free from Insect Pests

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Insects can be a nuisance. Ants, flies, mosquitoes and those that interrupt home life are those we are always trying to get rid of. We use insecticide sprays, fly poison and mosquito coils. Somehow, they keep coming back in undiminished numbers, much to our disgust and discomfort. The only course of action then is to minimize their presence as much as possible.

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. They are carriers of deadly diseases like dengue fever and malaria. The most effective way of getting rid of them is to prevent them from breeding. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. The larvae that hatch spends a good few days in water before they transform. themselves in pupae and finally to young mosquitoes. In water, they are most vulnerable. So, we should not leave any water stagnant for any period of time. Ail vessels in and around the house should be either overturned or burned so that water cannot collect in them. Likewise drains and other water passages should be cleaned regularly for the same reason.

Adult mosquitoes have the habit of hiding in dark corners in and outside the house. Thus, it is a good idea to clean out these places once in a while to ensure that these pests are not making their home there. Cobwebs and dirt should be cleared out whenever and wherever they occur. In addition to a mosquito-free home, we would so have a spider-free home.

A spider-free home has a few advantages. Squeamish occupants will not be compelled to scream everything they see a spider. The house will look neat and clean. Most of all, one will not get engulfed by strands of spiderweb every time one venture into a rarely frequented corner of the house.

A lot of people simply dump their rubbish in open bins. Such carelessness invites fly to the rubbish. In this rubbish, the flies breed and multiply. Then they come into the house and infect food that is left uncovered. sorts of diseases are carried by the flies. Consumption of such food can only bring disease and sickness.

To prevent flies from going about their dreadful tasks, it is a simple matter of covering all rubbish and food. if the flies cannot breed and do not have access to one’s food, then one cannot catch any disease carried by the flies. Yet many of us do not bother with such simple preventive measures. I, for one, prefer to have a fly-free home to eat in and to live in peace. I have seen people literally sharing their food with flies. Such indifference can only bring unwanted consequences. They are risking their health and well-being.

Ants and cockroaches are particularly difficult to rid of. The safest thing to do is not to leave any. edible things lying around the house. Ail eating utensils should be cleaned properly and kept in cockroach-proof containers. As cockroaches thrive in filth, the house, especially the kitchen should be kept scrupulously clean. Periodic checks should be done to ensure that ants and cockroaches are not over-running any neglected corner of drawers and cabinets.

Cleanliness is the best policy here. A dirty house invites all sorts of pests. A clean and regularly maintained house has no place for the pests to breed and no food for them to feed on. Thus, they keep away and the occupants have a pest-free environment to live in and enjoy to the fullest.

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