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Essay on Cyclones in Bangladesh

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Introduction: Cyclone is one of the great natural calamities which hits Bangladesh several times every year. The cyclone is usually a matter of a few hours. But it causes irreparable loss of life and property.

Causes: Cyclone is really a great natural calamity. It is beyond man’s power to prevent the cyclone. It is usuall} causes due toatmospheric pressure on the sea, when there is low pressure on the sea, acyclonic storm is formed there which is situated hundreds of miles away fromthe sea coast. The storm may lie down or move towards the coast, becomingstronger.

Warning system: The science of meteorology can help usmaking understand the approach of the cyclone but nothing can check it.Cyclones are accompanied with rain and thunder and sometimes high tidal bore.If it is possible to broadcast warnings through Television and Radio in time,some preparation may be taken for shelther. But sometimes cyclones are sosudden that people are unwary.

Description: The cyclone in 1991 Barisal and the coastal areas were of this nature. There was no proper warning from the meteorological department to take precautionary measure. It was accompanied with high tidalbore. Almost all on a sudden people found that the high tidal bore was approaching towards them at a great speed. None could think out any way of escape. Soon the vast areas went under deep water and people were climbing trees and house-top but could not escape. On its way back the tidalbbore washed away men, animals and birds, bringing them all at the same level to death. All this was a matter of only a few hours. Relief came in from all parts of the world but nothing could cover up the colossal loss of life and property.

How to control: People cannot be left unprotected againstthis fury of nature. Building of high and pucca dams along the coast may behelped to check the approach of the tidal bore. High pucca dwelling houses inthe coastal areas may give safety to the people. Correct weather forecast intime is a great need.

Conclusion: Only precautionary measure can lesson loss and damage caused by the clone. The people of coastal are should be alert for all times.

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