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Essay on Copying in The Examination Or, Unfair Means in The Examination

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Introduction: Now-a-day, adoption of unfair means in the examination has become a crucial problem in our system of education. In all examinations ranging from the university level down to the primary level adopting unfair means has become a plague. This is one of the symptoms of degenerating condition prevalent in our society.

Very bad tendency: To adopt unfair means in the examination is a very bad tendency. It proves the inability and insincerity of a student. It is shameful and immoral as well.

Various forms of unfair means: Unfairmeans in the examination does not simply mean copying from books. It includes any sort of malpractice in or outside the hall. In many cases, the question paper is leaked out in advance. Answer-script is submitted from outside the hall. Many attempts to supply cut pages of books or handwriting notes inside the hall. Some examinees write their copies on the walls and benches beforehand.

The causes of adopting unfair means: There are many causes of this crime. Of them the main reasons are:

(i) Moral bankruptcy in the department of administration.

(ii) Defective education system.

(iii) Political unrest and social restlessness in the country.

(iv) Student politics in educational institutions.

(v) Carelessness of some teachers in performing their duties and responsibilities to the students.

(vi) I’ll plan syllabus and non-availability of necessary books.

(vii) Student’s tendency of giving more importance to get an academic certificate that to acquire knowledge.

(viii) The indifference of some guardians to their children.

(ix) Family conflicts. Because of all these problems, the students get discouraged in their studies and ultimately choose the way to adopt unfair means in the examination.

Remedies: In order to solve these problems, united efforts of all classes of people are required. All should come forward to take necessary measures in keeping up a wholesome atmosphere in the field of education. Student politics must be banned. The teachers should be sincerer in carrying out their class duty. The guardians should be more conscious of their children’s studies. The students should be made aware of the bad effects of adopting unfair means. Above all, the prevailing education system should be improved.

Conclusion: In fine, it can be said that the adoption of unfair means in the examination is a great offense. It vitiates not only the noble aim of education but also the dignity of the nation. Today’s students are the instructors of tomorrow’s nation. So, to conduct the nation effectively the students must be educated and competent. But without giving up the tendency of adopting unfair means, they will totally be failed in the task.

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