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Essay on Cleanliness

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[Hints: Introduction, A sound mind in a sound body, Dirtiness breeds the germs of diseases, Merits of cleanliness, A good habit, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Cleanliness is good for health. Cleanliness means to be free from dirt or stain or filth or anything that defiles. It is a part and parcel of all the rules of health. Cleanliness keeps our body and minds fresh. It is absolutely necessary to maintain a good health.

A sound mind in a sound body: A sound mind resides in a sound body. The body can’t be healthy without following the rules of Cleanliness. The man who has a neat and clean body can have a handsome habit. But, a man with the nasty body is also nasty inhabits. It is not costly to remain neat and clean. It needs only wish and some labor. Illness is the only obstacle to. follow cleanliness.

Dirtiness breeds the germs of diseases: Dirt and disease go together. Dirt breeds the germs of diseases. Unclean surroundings, dirty dwelling houses, and kitchens, dirty clothes, beddings, and utensils create an unhealthy atmosphere. Dirty body and dirty clothes are objects of hatred. No one loves a dirty child. A clean child is taken to the lap with love and affection.

Merits of cleanliness: Dirt causes diseases, many kinds of germs grow in the dirty things very rapidly. So, a man with a dirty body falls a victim of diseases so quickly. The man who follows the rules of cleanliness eats fresh food, wears a clean dress, cleans the body regularly with soap is not easily attacked with the disease. A clean body has the strength to prevent disease. We should clean our clothes, beddings, utensils, cut our nails regularly. Then we can be assured of a good health.

A good habit: To remain clean is a good habit. It should be exercised regularly. Everybody loves a neat and clean man and hates a dirty man. If we practice this rule every day it will be our habit to be clean and fight against dirty things.

Conclusion: ‘Cleanliness is godliness’ is a well-known proverb. So, we all should be clean and try to remain clean.

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