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Essay on Campus Violence

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Introduction: There is hardly any educated man who is not well acquainted with the term, ‘Campus Violence’. Nowadays. It has become a common event in the educational institutions of the country.

The origin of campus violence: Almost all the colleges and universities of the country have become mini cantonments which are full of mortal weapons and ammunition. These educational campuses have turned in to the fertile ground of violence. The students, instead of devoting themselves to studies, take arms in their hands. This is really sorrowful. However, the students are not to be blamed as they are victims of circumstance. In almost all educational institutions, different student organizations have been formed. These organizations, having affiliations to different political parties, begin to take sides. There are some so-called narrow-minded politicians who have not the least moral scruple to use the students to gain their political ends. These politicians encourage different student organizations to draw up battle lines against one another. They also provide students with firearms. So when one party holds a meeting in the campus and raises highly provocative slogans, the antiparties do not remain passive. They attack one another with deadly weapons. The holy field of education then turns into a field of blood-shedding violence.

The effect of campus violence: Campus violence ruins the academic environment. Many brilliant students fall an easy victim to this terrorism. As a result, Their life is cut off before they reach their goal. Sometimes violence makes the college or university authorities suspend classes for a limitless time. So the examinations are not held on the scheduled dates. This creates a session jam which is also regarded as one of the major causes of the country’s educational decrepitude.

Its remedy: To bring a peaceful atmosphere in the campus the following ways may be effective:

  1. (Politics in the campus should be forbidden to the students.
  2. (There should be unity in different student organizations.
  3. Students should practice tolerance. They should not be influenced by bad politicians.
  4. Above all, they should care more for their studies than anything else.

Conclusion: It is obvious that campus violence hampers the noble aim of education. It vitiates the holy fields of education, so to save education and bring peace in the campus, effective steps must be taken at once.

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