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Essay on An Occasion You Remember Or, A Memorable Event in Your Life

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Introduction: Human life is full of events and incidents. Some of these are delightful and some are troublesome. Many of them are remarkable. These Occasions remain in the unconscious part of the memory. When we remain alone in a peaceful environment these incidents flash into our mind.

The incidents of my life: I am a student of class ten. I am fifteen years old. I was born in a village in the district of Brahrrramanbria. Now I am nearing my manhood. In this short period of my life, many incidents have taken place in my life, but all of them are not equally memorable. Only a few of them. I can remember. I had one such occasion when I was ten years old.

What was it: The occasion was my elder sister’s wedding ceremony. It was held in the outer house of our home.

The occasion: The wedding ceremony was held in our home. The wedding party came here. On the occasion, two cows were slaughtered. A good number of guests were invited on the occasion. They brought a number of gifts for my elder sister. But she was not cheerful. On the other hand, I was very delightful and cheerful. Some guests brought some presents for me too. Because I was the youngest son of my parents. In the occasion day, my mother dressed me in a clean and beautiful new dress. Then my father took me to the outer house where the guests were taking rest.

Effects of the occasion on me: The occasion influenced my tender mind. So I cannot forget it. Even today, I can remind the sweet occasion in my mind and I feel pleasure.

Conclusion: Memorable occasions make us happy and cheerful. We can learn many things from these occasions. They will remain ever fresh in our mind as long as we live on the earth.

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