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Essay on A Street Beggar

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[Hints: Introduction, His activities, Begging as a job, Conclusion.]

Introduction: A street beggar goes on begging in towns, markets, railway compartments, buses, and launches. He teases passers-by or passengers for a small coin. He is a shameless and disturbing element in society. So, he is an undesirable person to all in the society.

His activities: A street beggar is generally found sitting or standing by a roadside, near a bus stand or rickshaw stand with a bowl in his hand and ask passers-by for a small coin. He is sometimes found in a railway compartment or in a bus or in a launch to beg alms from the passengers who feel it very displeasing. Sometimes he goes from door to door and ask people for alms. Some street-beggars recite verses from the holy Quran to di aw sympathy of the people.

Begging as a job: There are some people who are deaf, dumb, blind and lame. They are inactive and incapable to work and earn. They can deserve the mercy of the people. But they are not willing to work and earn. They go on begging as it is easy and free of risk. They are enemies to the society. They live on what others earn. Begging does not give anything to as a society. It is not an employee. Moreover, it kills the man’s dignity and,_ morality. They are undesirable persons in society. So, it should be discouraged and suspended in society.

Conclusion: Begging is disreputable and disgraceful. It does not give anything to the society. So, it is not desirable. Like other social countries our government should put a stop to stop to this anti-social occupation of begging without any delay.

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