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Essay on A Rainy Day

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[Hints: Introduction; A rainy day in Bangladesh; Descriptionof the day; Its effects on village life; Its effects on city life; A rainy dayto the students; A rainy day to the passers-by; Advantages; Conclusion.]

Introduction: A day is called a rainy day when it rains almost all day long. It is dull and gloomy.’ The sky is overcast with black clouds on a rainy day and the sun is not seen for days together. It becomes difficult to go outdoors.

A rainy day in Bangladesh: There is heavy Description of the monsoon in Bangladesh. So in the rainy season, we have many a rainy season we have many a rainy day in our country.

Description of the day: The weather is foul in a rainy day. When the rains begin, they continue all daylong. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs and sometimes it drizzles. There is water everywhere. The roads become muddy and slippery.

Its effects on village life: It is mostly a curse to the poor villagers. They can not go out fortheir daily works. Their ovens do not burn. Their clothes do not dry. They The food now and then. Some peasants or day laborers have to work infields in rain.

Its effects on city life: In towns and cities people go out byrickshaws or cars. The slum-dwellers are the worst sufferers. Water pours intotheir houses. These people can not go out for work and starve. Roads and outdoors under water, filth and garbage spread around the whole area. Bad smell rains almost of them.

A rainy day to the students: To the students a rainy day is welcome. They get a holiday on the rainy day. They enjoy the day ful-fy.

A Rainy day to the passers-by: The passers-by passes the muddy road with the risk of foot slip on a rainy day.

Advantages: A rainy day is also useful welcome them. It purifies the air and washes away filth’s. The rains help the farmers of our country to make the crop fields ready for cultivation. People with poetic flare become more emotional to compose songs and poems.

Conclusion: A day too has both curse and blessings. It is a day of leisure. Many of us welcomethe day but some may not.

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