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Essay On A Prize Giving Ceremony of Our School

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[Hints: Introduction, Decoration, the arrival of the guests/attendees.]

Introduction: Prize giving ceremony is not only a memorable day but also on occasion of great joy especially to its students. At most every school holds it annually. The prize-giving ceremony of our school is a day of joy not only of the teachers and the students but also to the guardians and the public.

The last prize giving ceremony was held on the 17th February 2018. it was held in our school auditorium. On this occasion, the prizes were given to the students for their good results and proficiency in different subjects. Some students who showed special skill in various games and sports were given prizes.

Decoration: On the day we decorated the school building with green leaves and festoons with colored paper. In the hall, chairs were arranged in rows. (A big pandal was erected to hold the functions. There were two tables neatly decorated on which the prizes and medals were arranged in proper order. On one side there was a platform nicety carpeted from where the speeches were delivered. The president’s chair was placed in the middle. The flower pot flowers were placed just informant of the president’s chair.

In a word, the entrance to the building and the auditorium in which the function was to take place, were tastefully decorated befitting the occasion.

The arrival of the guests/attendance: We had invited the Deputy Commissioner, Dhaka District Inspector of schools as our chief guest. punctually, the chief guest arrives. The students along with the Band party provided him with the guard of honor. The chairman of the managing committee of the school, the Headmaster, some teachers, and some elite persons gave him a warm ovation and conducted him to the seat of honor. A land burst of cheering welcomed him as he took his seat. By 4 p.m, the invited guests began to come in. The volunteers with their distinctive badges were all attention to the guests. They guided the distinguished guests of the locality to the seats specially reserved for them. The guardians of the students were seated in the rows allotted to them. The back seats and the side spaces were crowded by the students who were in their merriest mood.

The function begins/the Function: The formal ceremony began with the recitation from the holy Quran. The national anthem was sung by a group of students. the airman of the managing committee and the chief-guest were garlanded by two little girls. The Headmaster/Principal then read S out his reports’ which showed all-round development of the school. There: was an ardent sincerity in his speech which went straight into the heart of the audience. The students then arranged some sort of cultural performance on the occasion. A one-act play of Tagore was also staged by us Then the main ceremony began.

Distribution of prizes: Then came to the distribution of prizes. Prizes were given on two items one for the brilliant result and the other for the achievements of the students in games and sports. One of our teachers called out the names of the prize winners. and the chief guest then gave away the prizes. The prize winners went to the chief-guest one by one and received prized shaking hands with him. They were all cheered and greeted. I was awarded a prize for writing the best essay.

It was especially a happy day for all of us Speeches: The prize-giving being over, the chief-guest made a short but instructive speech. He congratulated the prize winners on their success and consoled those students who could not win any prize. Finally, the chairman rose to speak. He also congratulated the institution, the teachers, the students, and in fact, everybody on the good work done in the past year. He gave the students valuable advice.

Close of the function/conclusion: After the president’s speech the function came to an and with the customary vote of thanks to the guest, the chair and the audience. The day was quite enjoyable for all of us.

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