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Essay on A Journey by Bus

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[Hints: Introduction, Time and Occasion, Description of the Journey, How the Journey has Impressed You, Conclusion]

Introduction: Modern means of transport such as buses, trains, launches, and airplanes have made it easy to move from one place to another. In the city, I very often avail myself of traveling locally in buses. But having a long journey by bus is something of a different taste.

Time and Occasion: It was the month of December and we were having a long vacation after the final examination. One day, my friend Kabir invited need to stay at his home in Comilla. On the appointed day, Kabir and I went to the Gulistan Bus Station and collected our tickets. Luckily, our bus was not too crowded and we had our seats by the window. Shortly after 8 a.m., the driver started and the bus slowly moved out of the crowded station.

Description of the Journey: The- bus managed to get out of the traffic jam of the busy city arid soon we were on the Dhaka to Chittagong highway. The bus increased its speed and a swift cool breeze played on our faces. There were green trees on both sides of the road. They seemed to welcome us to the green of the countryside. Trees and cornfields seemed to be running backward. At places, we saw the village women thrashing the rice paddy. We crossed small shops and bazars. Soon we were near the Bhairab bridge over the Megha river. -The boats and launches looked so nice from over the bridge. The driver put a nice music on the player. The road looked like a serpent with so many twists and turns. It was late-noon f felt drowsy in such an atmosphere. I did not notice when & entered the town of Comilla. Soon the bus was at the bus divot and we got down with our luggage. We took a rickshaw and set for Kabir’s home.

How the Journey has Impressed You: The journey was indeed a pleasant one. It took us. much closer to the beauties of the countrysidewhicIr cannot be enjoyed in a journey by boat or train. The life on the road is so thrilling. I felt like a wanderer, a vagabond who had no home and did not know where he was meant to go.

Conclusion: Journeys And traveling have always inspired me to see the unseen. It is only by taking a journey that I can be lite from the monotonous day-to-day life of a student. My opinion is that everybody should travel by some means to add joy and Momentum to his life.

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