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Essay on A Day in The Life of a Housewife

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The alarm clock wakes Kim up with its electronic song. it is five-thirty in the morning and it is still pitch-dark outside, she staggers out of bed and heads for the bathroom.

Having washed and feeling a bit more alive. Kim descends the stairs to the kitchen. For her, the day has begun. The first thing she has to do is to prepare breakfast for her husband and her two young children.

She puts the hot water on. puts coffee into the coffee pot and lays the bread, jam, etc. on the dining table. While the water is boiling she heads upstairs to collect the laundry that needs washing. She comes down with a basket full of clothes. An well, at least she has a washing machine to do the job. Still, she has to put the clothes into the machine, add soap-powder, switch on the power and turn on the water supply. The machine whirrs silently as it goes about its washing cycle.

Goodness, it is already six-thirty. Where did the time do? Kim runs upstairs to wake.e Bob, her husband, and the two children Jenny and Johnny, They protest but to no avail. Soon all of them are up arid going about their tasks of washing up. Km helps little johnny, who is only four years old, brush his teeth and wash , his face. Jenny, who is already in Darjah 3 can cope on her own.

The whistling of the kettle reminds Kim that the water boffing. She runs downstairs, switches off the das and pours the steaming water into the coffee pot.

Presently everybody is seated at the dining table having breakfast. Ten minutes later Bob is ready to take Jenny to school. Bob himself goes to work in the city after dropping Jenny off at her school. Kim and little Johnny wave goodbye. Back in the house. Kim washes the dishes while little Johnny plays with his toys. Then it is time to sweep the floor; take out the rubbish and do many more household chores that never seem to get done.

Time flies and soon it is. time to send little Johnny to the kindergarten. Kim locks up the house, puts Johnny into her car and drives off to the kindergarten about half a mile away.

After dropping Johnny. off, Kim heads for the market. Shea buys groceries and other assorted food. Then she visits her favorite bookshop to get some books and magazines. All too soon it is time to go home to fix lunch for her ever7huhary brood.

When lunch is almost cooked, she leaves the house again to fetch little Johnny from the kindergarten. She times it so that the food is not burnt by the time she returns. She and Johnny take lunch first. Usually, it is some cooked noodles. After that, she clears the table.

Presently her husband re-turns for lunch with Jenny.

After both of them have had their lunch. Bob returns to work while the children have their afternoon rap. Kim washes the dishes and takes in the laundry. She folds the clean clothes and irons the ones that need ironing.

Four o’clock seems to arrive very quickly for Kim. lt is announced by the squeals of laughter that come from upstairs when the children wake up from their nap. Ah, the children have so much energy, just the opposite of her. Still, it is almost time to prepare dinner, just as soon as the kids take their daily bath.

Bob arrives home greeted by the noisy children. Kim is busy in the kitchen.

By seven in the evening, the whole family sits down for dinner. Dinner is always a happy affair for everybody’s work is almost done for th0 day. After dinner, it is the usual washing up helped by Bob and Jenny.

Kim helps Jenny with her homework while Bob and little Johnny watch television. Soon it is time for bed for the kids. Kim sees that they go to bed on time, despite protests.

It is after nine o’clock in the evening that finally Jenny can sit down on her favorite chair and relax a bit. She reads the books she had bought while Bob watches television.

So ends another day in the life of Kim, a modern housewife, who, like many other housewives, hardly has time to sit back and reflect on the enormous task of taking care of a family.

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