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Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About the Importance of Learning Computer

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Question: Nowadays the computer is used in different sections. It has become very essential to learn about computers. Your friend Nabil/Nabila wants to know a lot about it. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.

Answer: A dialogue between me (Lisa) and my friend Nabila about the necessity of learning the computer.

Nabila: Hi, Lisa! Can you tell me why we really need to learn computer?

Lisa (myself): Hi Nabila! don’t you know the importance of computer?

Nabila: In fact, I have little idea about it.

Lisa: Ok, don’t you know the computer is being used almost everywhere in today’s world’? Today’s banking, businesses, medical science, space research, etc. are heavily dependent on computer technology.

Nabila: But what is the need for education? We can read books and sit for the examination.

Lisa: No, Lisa. Today’s education and research are also going to be more and more dependent on the computer. You can use the internet through the help of a computer. Today the internet is the best source of information.

Nabila: Can the knowledge of computers help us in getting a job?

Lisa: Why not? In fact, you can’t expect to get a good job if you have no knowledge of computers. To learn a computer is a must if you want to do something good in today’s globalized world.

Nabila: But does the computer have anything to do with entertainment or recreation?

Lisa: Obviously. With the help of a computer, you can watch a film, listen to music, play games and so on.

Nabila: Yes, now I realize the importance of computers and I must learn to use it.

Lisa: Ok. Thank you.

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