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Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About Some Interesting Places in Dhaka

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Question: Munir is your friend who went to Dhaka to visit many interesting places. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about some interesting places.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and my friend (Munir) about his visit to Dhaka:

Myself: Hi, Munir! When have you returned from Dhaka?

Munir: Last night.

Myself: How was your visit to Dhaka?

Munir: You know, it was my first visit. It was really very interesting to see so many attractive places.

Myself: Could you mention the names of some places?

Munir: Oh, sure. You know, I have a lot of interest to visit historical places. So, first of all, I went to the Lalbag Fort. Then I saw the historical Star Mosque and after that, I visited Ahsan Manjil.

Myself: Very nice. But didn’t you visit our Parliament Building?

Munir: Sure. I saw the Parliament Building. I was really excited to see such a beautiful building and its surrounding area.

Myself: Then tell me what other places you visited.

Munir: I visited the National Museum, Central Shahid Minar, Suhrawardy Uddyan, Shishu Park and Dhaka University.

Myself: But. I think you have not visited Mirpur Zoo.

Munir: Oh. I also visited the Mirpur Zoo and the. Botanical garden. I passed the whole day there. I had many new experiences from this visit.

Myself: It was really very exciting. wasn’t it?

Munir: Yes, it was so exciting. I’ll never forget the memory of this visit.

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