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Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About Air Pollution

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Question: Imagine, you are Kristie. Your friend Nasreen has been suffering from a bad headache for a few days. You’ve gone to see her. She tells you that air pollution is the cause of her ailment. Now, write a dialogue between you and Nasreen about Air Pollution

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Kristie) and Nasreen about air pollution:

Kristie: Well Nasreen, how are you today?

Nasreen: Today I’m comparatively well. I’ve been suffering for about a week. I feel uncomfortable all the time.

Kristie: Aren’t you taking medicine regularly? What does the doctor say about it?

Nasrin: Yes. I’m taking medicine regularly. The doctor says that severe air pollution is the cause of this headache.

Kristie: Right. Everybody knows that fresh and pure air is essential for good health. But we’re constantly exposed to polluted air in the city.

Nasreen: It’s a great cause of city life. The industrial areas and the power-houses are the places from which smoke rises to pervade the environment. The constantly playing motor vehicles always emit foul smoke. Besides, the garbage and refuse materials thrown out here and there create an obnoxious smell.

Kristie: Therefore, the authorities concerned must address the causes of air pollution and compel the relevant people to keep the air free from pollution.

Nasreen: Besides, the vigorous campaign should be started to create general awareness.

Kristie: That’s right. If all this is done we can remain free from the sufferings caused by air pollution. I shall call a meeting of the general students at college tomorrow to launch a movement.

Nasreen: Yes, the idea! I very much appreciate your decision.

Kristie: Take care, I wish your speedy recovery. Bye now.

Nasreen: Thank you for coming. Bye.

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