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Dialogue Between You and Your English Teacher About the Problem of English In Bangladesh

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Question: Write a dialogue between you and your English teacher about the problem of English in Bangladesh.



Myself: good morning, sir. How do you do?

Teacher: good morning. How are you?

Myself: I’m fine. But sir I’m tried to my English.

Teacher: why?

Myself: I study a lot but I can’t learn it well.

Teacher: English is a foreign language. You can’t learn it overnight.

Myself: but I want to learn it within a short time. Could you tell me how can I learn it well?

Teacher: if you want to learn it well, you have to practice four language skills.

Myself: what are these skills, sir?

Teacher: these are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Myself: should we learn all the skills?

Teacher: yes, you should because this skill is interrelated.

Myself: how are they inter-related, sir?

Teacher: can you listen if no one speaks?

Myself: no, sir. It’s impossible.

Teacher: so you can see that for you listening someone has to speak.

Myself: I’ve understood it now. But sir, how are speaking and writing skills inter-related?

Teacher: let me explain it. Can you write anything without reading or listening to someone?

Myself: no, sir. For information, we must read or listen to someone.

Teacher: so you writing depends or speaking or listening. That’s why I’ve already said that the
language skills are inter-related.

Myself: I’m clear about it, sir.

Teacher: thank you. Now the more you’ll practice the skills, the more you’ll learn.

Myself: what is about grammar, sir?

Teacher: grammar is important but you can’t learn a language by learning explicit grammar.

Myself: thank you, sir. I’ll follow your advice.

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