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Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Nobel Prize

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Question: Write a dialogue between two friends on the Nobel Prize.

Answer: A dialogue between two Mends on Nobel Prize :

Rajeeb: Hello, Raquib, please tell me something about Nobel prize. Why is it so valuable?

Raquib: It is the greatest award in the world. It is the most prestigious and the most precious award.

Rajeeb: Why is it called the Nobel Prize?

Raquib: It is called so because this prize was introduced by the great scientist Alfred Nobel. He became famous for the invention of dynamite. He willed a huge amount of money for the award of this prize.

Rajeeb: Who are awarded this prize?

Raquib: This prize is given to the persons who put the most outstanding contributions in various fields.

Rajeeb: What are the fields in which these prizes are awarded?

Raquib: The fields are Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Economics, Medicine and Peace.

Rajeeb: Who was the first Bangle who won this prize?

Raquib: Poet Rabindranath Tagore was the first bangle who won this prize for literature.

Rajeeb: Then who are other Bangalees who won the prize?

Raquib: The second man Dr. Amartya Sen and the third man Dr. Muhammad Eunus won the prize.

Rajeeb: Which was the field in which Dr. Eunus made an outstanding contribution?

Raquib: Dr. Eurus made an outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation.

Rajeeb: Why was he awarded the Nobel Prize?

Raquib: Dr. Eunus was awarded the Nobel Prize for ‘peace.’

Rajeeb: Now, I understand. Thank you very much.

Raquib: You are most welcome.

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