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Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Necessity of Planting Trees

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Question: Suppose, ‘Tuhin and Shaheen’ are two friends. Now, write a dialogue between these two friends on the necessity of planting trees.

Answer: A dialogue between Tuhin and Shaheen about the necessity of tree plantation :

Tuhin: Hello Shaheen, how are you?

Shaheen: Oh, I’m fine. You?

Tuhin: I’m fine too. But I’m concerned about our environment.

Shaheen: What’s wrong with our environment? Please make it clear.

Tuhin: We’ve frequent floods, cyclones and droughts (VT) in our country. Don’t these make you think over our environment?

Shaheen: Yes. But what can I do?

Tuhin: Indiscriminate cutting down’ trees are responsible for this terrible situation. Shaheen: Is that!

Tuhin: Yes, of course. Cutting down trees is the root cause of global warming and most other natural disasters. Our ecological balance is seriously disturbed for this.

Shaheen: Then what should we do now?

Tuhin: It’s very clear. We must plant more and more trees if we really want to have habitable earth.

Shaheen: Yes. I agree with you. From now on I’ll plant a tree every month and take every care of my trees.

Tuhin: Thank you. But we have to make people aware of the importance of tree plantation.

Shaheen: Yes. I’ll do that along with other school-going children. Thank you very much.

Tuhin: You’re most welcome.

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