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Dialogue Between the Librarian and You Regarding Borrowing A Book

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Question: Suppose you are Tamim. You want to borrow a book from your school library. Now write a dialogue between the librarian and you regarding borrowing a book.

Answer: A dialogue between me (Tamim) and the librarian:

Tamim (myself): Excuse me, could I borrow a book from the library?

Librarian: Yes, but do you have a library card?

Tamim: Yes, I have.

Librarian: Ok. Please show me the card.

Tamim: Here it is.

Librarian: I think, you have not borrowed any book earlier.

Tamim: You’re right. This is the first time I’m going to borrow a book.

Librarian: No problem. You can borrow even three books at a time.

Tamim: I need only one this time.

Librarian: Ok, please choose the book you need and tell me the call number.

Tamim: Well, the call number is 017……890

Librarian: Ok, let me’ find the book. Please let me find a book. Oh, yes, I’ve found it. The title of the book is ‘An Easy Way to Learn English’, isn’t it?

Tamim: Right.

Librarian: Here it is. But let me make an entry of the book in my registrar.

Tamim: Ok. But one thing! How many days could I keep the book?

Librarian: One week. Remember, in case you cross one week, you have to pay fine.

Tamim: How much fine?

Librarian: 10 takas for every extra day.

Tamim: I understand. I must return it on time. Goodbye.

Librarian: Goodbye.

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