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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About My Aim in Life

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Question: Suppose, you are Karim and your friend is Nayeem. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about your aim in life.

Answer: A dialogue between Karim (myself) and Nayeem (my friend) about my aim in life:

Nayeem: Hello Karim, how are you?

Karim: Hi Nayeem! Thank you. Yes. I am fine. and you?

Nayeem: I am fine too. What were you thinking about’?

Karim: Oh. actually I was wondering what I want to be in the future.

Nayeem: Then, have you alread\ fixed your aim in life?

Karim: Of course. Every man has his/her aim in life, Similarly, also have my own aim in life. Nayeem Oh, that’s great! What is that? Karim, I want to be a doctor in the future.

Nayeem: Really? Why has Nou decided to be a doctor?

Karim: Well, I believe that a doctor can serve the suffering humanity best.

Nayeem: Is that so? Can you please explain it a little more?

Karim: Oh sure. I give you an example. Most of the people in our country are very poor. They cannot afford the expenses of treatment. As a result, many of them die only for want of proper and timely treatment.

Nayeem: In that case, how can you help them?

Karim: I want to offer treatment to poor people free of cost. And I dream that if I can earn more money, I will set up a charitable dispensary for the poor.

Nayeem: That’s a very good idea. But you know, getting admitted into medical colleges has become so tough nowadays. What’s your plan regarding that?

Karim: I know that academic excellence is very much important for getting admitted to a medical college. So, I am trying my best to achieve that success.

Nayeem: I appreciate your aim and your heartiest effort to make your dream true. I wish you all the best.

Karim: Thank you very much.

Nayeem: You’re most welcome.

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