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Short Composition on The Rainy Season in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a short composition on, “The Rainy Season in Bangladesh“.

Answer: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh. Two Bengali months Ashar and Shravan are called the rainy season. The south-west monsoon which blows over Bangladesh during this period is the cause of heavy rainfall in our country. During summer, the scorching heat evaporates the sea-water and this vapor rises up with air. Then the vapor is cooled and condensed into clouds which brings down rains. During this season, the sky remains overcast with the cloud. Sometimes the sun remains invisible for days together. Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains in a torrent.

As Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country, the rainy season is very helpful for its food production. The rainwater washes the whole country, the rivers inundate their banks bringing alluvial and fertility to the land. Various kinds of fishes are available in the rainy season.

The people in the rural areas can easily go from one place to another by boat. Many people carry goods in the boats. On the other hand, the rainy season causes many inconveniences to the people. Sometimes, rains continue for several days which cause great miseries to the people. Violent blasts of winds blow, violent storms topple down the houses and sink boats. Roads are covered with muds and on some roads, water remains stagnant.

In the villages, the whole field goes under water. The villages look like islands during rainy season as they remain surrounded by water from all sides. People cannot go from one place to another to meet their needs without boats. Snakes and poisonous insects living beneath the earth come out as water rushes there. Rains compel the people to remain indoors. Poor people and day laborers suffer a lot as they can not go to their work. Flu, pneumonia, dysentery are the common diseases of this season.

The sufferings of the people in urban areas are no less than the people in rural areas. Rains come all on a sudden and without any prior notice. The rickshaw-pullers and auto-rickshaw drivers demand more fare which causes more inconvenience to the city dwellers. Excessive rainfall causes floods that damage our crops. Agricultural products are hampered due to flood. Cholera and other water-borne diseases break out in an epidemic form after the flood. Many people die of cholera and other diseases. Our agricultural and economic growth are often hampered due to flood. Rain is helpful for growth in agriculture but excessive rain brings disaster for our people. So we can say that the rainy season is both a blessing and a curse for our economy as well as for our country.

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