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Short Composition on Price Hike in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a short composition “Price-hike in Bangladesh.”

Answer: Recent price-hike or rising of prices of essential commodities is the most talked issue in Bangladesh. The prices of essential commodities are going out of reach of the poor people of our country. Not only the poor but also the middle-class people have become the victim of sky-high prices of essential commodities.

There are many reasons of price-hike. The main reason is rapid growth of population. At the same time cultivable land is decreasing. As result food crops are not being produced in proportion to the growth rate of population. So there is always a shortage of rice, fish, milk, vegetables and all other necessary things. When these things are not supplied as per demand .their prices increase. With the increase in prices of the essential commodities the sufferings of the poor people increase. They can not even eat two square meals a day. They suffer from malnutrition. They can not even eat two square meals a day. They suffer from malnutrition, because they are unable to buy nutritious foods.

The dishonest businessmen always lie in wait to make profit. In time of harvest they buy things in cheap rate and later on create artificial crisis in the market and as a result prices increase. The businessmen form evil syndicate with a view to making profits. Smuggling and black marketing are also responsible for price- hike. The govt. is unable to monitor and control market. By controlling market, prices of essential commodities can be brought, down. It is true that international economy exercises influence on price-hike to a great extent.

Considering the sufferings of the poor and lower class people govt. should take proper action against the dishonest businessmen who raise the prices with a view to making the profit only. The people should be made aware of the evil designs of the black sheep of the country. The people must help the government to control markets. Black marketeers should be given an exemplary punishment. As a whole prices of essential commodities should be brought down by any means. Otherwise, the sufferings of the people cannot be removed. So it is imperative for us to control the prices of essential commodities.

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