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Short Composition on Flowers of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Flowers are the special gifts of Nature. They lend colour, smell, beauty and charm to the land.

Kinds, size, colour and small: there are various kinds of lowers in our country. They are so many that we do not know even the names of them all. They differ in size and colour. Some are large, some are small. Some are white, some are red, some are pink, some are yellow, while some are multicoloured. Flowers small sweet.

Some common flowers: the best-known flower of Bangladesh is the rose, the lotus, the marigold, the champa, the jasmine, the tagor, the jui, the bakul, the beli, the chamily, the Kamini, the sheuli, etc. The rose was not originally a native of Bangladesh. But it is now largely grown in all parts of the country. It is called the queen of flowers on account of us beauty and scent. It grows on a plant which is thorny. The lotus is well known for its delicate perfume. The marigold has a bright color and a strong smell. It decorates and beautifies the homestead during the winter season. The beli, the jui, the ehameli, the champa and the gandharaj are all fragrant flowers. The Kamini is a very soft flowers. It scatters its fragrance over a vast area. The bakul is another type of well know flowers, having a delicate scent. The sheuli hasa snow white colour. The krishachura, the karabi and the Palash are all scentless and bloom on big trees. All grows clusters. Kadams also bloom on big trees and they are a special kind of flowers in the rainy season. The sunflowers of different sizes are found in different places. Winter and spring are the seasons of these flowers. The hasnahena and the rajanigandha give out their fragrance at night.

Charm and uses: we love flowers for their beauty and scent. They are the symbols of beauty and purity. We present bouquets of flowers to our beloved persons and we also garland our leaders and visitor’s whey they grace our functions. Bees gather honey from flowers and store it in their hives. We got honey from these hives. We get rose water and Otto from the petals of roses.

Conclusion: flowers are the most beautiful objects of Nature. So, men, women and children love flowers all alike. Nature has adorned our land with the most charming flowers of the world and has made us lovers of flowers.

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