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Short Composition on Child Labour in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a composition that expresses your opinion about “Child Labour in Bangladesh“.

Answer: A large number of people In Bangladesh maintain their families working as day labourers. But they cannot maintain their family properly with a very little income. As a result, they are compelled to engage their children in physical work from a very early age to supplement with their income. But these children earn very little compared to the volume of work. Instead of going to school, they go to work. They cannot read and write.

These children work in the houses of well-to-do families as servants or maidservants. Sometimes in rural areas, they work as land-labourers who work in the scorching heat and tormenting rains. These children sometimes work in shops, hotels and restaurants. They are also found to carry brick and other building materials from one place to another. They are seen to crush brick. Even some are found to work as street-hawkers, rickshaw-pullers and cars cleaners. They work in small factories. Sometimes they polish boots, sell ‘characters,’ badam etc. They work as coolies at the railway platforms. Some work as porters. In rural areas, some children catch and sell fishes.

The pitiable situation about child labour is that they are made to work for longer time than adult labourers but they are paid quite less than them. They have to face various situations. The children who work in the houses as servants or maidservants are sometimes maltreated and even beaten by the masters and housewives. These children working as servants or maidservants have to work from early morning to late hours at night. They have to work for fifteen or eighteen hours a day. They are given rotten food. They are not even treated as human beings. At that growing age, they suffer from malnutrition and their physical as well as mental growth is retarded. They grow up only to become sick and drag a miserable existence.

These child-labourers have to work hard to survive. They have to work for longer times in shops and hotels with less wages. They are often oppressed by the owners. Minor boys working as rickshaw pullers and factory workers sometimes become victims of accidents, lose their limbs and pass their days as disabled persons. According to ILO convention, the normal working hour is eight hours a day. But these child labourers work from fifteen to eighteen hours a day. The hard labour badly affects their health. Those who work only eight hours a day in office or factory, do not hesitate to make the minor boy-servants or maidservants work 15 to 18 hours in their houses. This is sheer injustice and this can not be accepted.

We can not approve that these minor boys and girls should be ill-treated or mercilessly beaten in spite of their rendering so much toilsome services. All sections of people as well as the government should seriously think about the matter. Child labour should be stopped by law. People in general should be more humane and sympathetic in their treatment towards the working children.

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