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Newspaper Composition

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Newspapers provide news of various kinds. The most important news of the day is printed on the front page in bold headlines. Less important news is covered on the inside page. There are pages devoted to international news, domestic news, sports news, cultural news, etc. Most newspapers have a literary page and a religious once a week. There is also an editorial page .newspaper

Many news items are accompanied by colored photographs with captions under them. The photographs make the news vivid. Many readers look at the photos first then read the news items. There are also cartoons. They often satisfied important persons and organizations.

All newspapers have a children’s page once a week. Children’s own writings which include poems, stories, jokes, and paintings are printed on this page. These writings help them develop their creative power.

Most newspapers have a policy. They not only provide news but also views. The views express their political attitude. Most newspapers support one political party or another. The news reports and editorials reflect their political affiliation: The readers also have their favorite newspapers. They take newspapers that reflect their own political views. In reading news and views, we must exercise our judgment. We must not believe everything we read. It is a good idea to read more than one newspaper and compare how the same event has been presented in both papers. This will help us arrive at our own judgment without being biased.

Most newspaper readers have their favorite pages. Some are fond of sports news. They turn to this page first and skip the other pages. Others are more interested in political news. There are still others who attach importance to international news. An educated reader should pay attention to all the important events of the day in addition to his or her favorite page.

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