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Composition on Your Choice of Profession

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Question: Write a Short Composition on “Your Teaching as A Profession“.

Answer: It is very difficult to choose a professor’. But a profession is a must for one’s livelihood. A life without any aim is like a ship without a rudder. An aim helps a man to gain his coveted objective, his career. It is only through choosing a profession we can fulfill our dreams. Among men some want to earn money, some want to earn fame and some want to serve people. I had to think a lot to choose my profession or career in life. I think it should be decided according to one’s aptitude, ability, and merit.

Considering these, my choice is the simple wish to be a teacher.
Undoubtedly teaching is a very noble profession, A teacher is like a potter who works on the wheel to give shape to his pots, cutting out the rough edges to give a perfect finish to the end product. At present, neither the students nor the teachers have the same sincerity and singleness of purpose. However, there are still exceptional teachers who are genuinely concerned about the future of their pupils and try to guide them sincerely.

Unfortunately, there are people who take to teaching out of compulsion, because the other avenues are not open to them. They drift into teaching because they have failed to achieve their ambition. I have by choice decided to opt for teaching. I love working with children. It must be a very satisfying experience to shape young minds, eager to learn, who come to a teacher in total faith.

One cannot overlook the advantages that one has as a teacher. One gets so many holidays which can be used to catch up with other interests one neglects during the working days. This is really a very tempting prospect. Besides, over the years the salary of teachers has also become very attractive.

Teaching has certain distinct advantages over other professions. Teachers do not have very long working hours. Surely, lots of time is taken in preparing the lessons, correction work etc. Still one can have ample time to pursue other interests. Moreover, teachers are held in high esteem in the society.

I am not unaware that it is quite difficult to secure admission in a good teachers’ training college. I am willing to work hard to actualize my ambition, and waiting for the day when, after completing my training in teaching, I can become a teacher. That day indeed will be a red letter day in my life. So, I am preparing myself in the time of this profession.

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