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Composition on Students and Social Service

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“May the dreams of all the world’s men and women
Be fulfilled in our visions!
Visions of us-student!”

To fulfill the dreams of the people of the world, students have to be equipped with all types of talent through study. But the only study is not enough for them. They have to render some services to the society especially in a developing country like ours. They can make the general people conscious of education, rules of health and sanitation and population control. They can also teach the farmers about scientific methods of cultivation and stand by the affected people during natural calamities.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. But along with studies if necessary, students should render services to educate the huge number of uneducated people. They can set up night schools to teach the uneducated working children and the illiterate adults. During vacation, they can go to villages to teach the village folk.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country and the progress of the country depends on the advancement of agriculture. But our farmers do not know the scientific methods of cultivation. So, the students should teach them about the modern method of cultivation. They can also inspire them to cultivate fish or to raise poultry so that they can be financially solvent.

Most of the people of our country are uneducated and they do not have the knowledge of health and sanitation. Students can teach them the rules of health, sanitation, nutrition and population control. Female students can teach the uneducated women how they can keep their houses neat and clean.
During natural calamities, students’ service is the most valuable. During flood, cyclone or famine, they should stand by the affected people. They can raise funds from the rich and provide the affected people with foods and clothes. The medical student should provide them with free medical treatment.

To advance the country forward, students’, service to the society and to the country is very much necessary. Their sincere endeavor can go a long way to remove illiteracy, poverty and health hazards and turn our country into a prosperous country. However, they should always be conscious that their main duty is to study.

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