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Composition on Street Accidents in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Street Accidents in Bangladesh“.

Answer: Street accidents have become a major problem in Bangladesh. Every day when we go through the newspapers, we come to know about a series of accidents and death of so many people owing to accidents with buses, trucks and other vehicles. Street accidents are regular phenomena in our national life. These accidents occur for various reasons.

The roads and streets of our country are narrow. These streets are not straight as there are frequent turnings at short distances. Reckless driving often brings about accidents. Drivers are careless about the traffic rules and regulations. They recklessly drive their vehicles. Most of the drivers are not well trained and they have not an adequate knowledge of the traffic system. The Pedestrians are also responsible for street accidents. They cross roads here and there. To save the Pedestrians drivers sometimes lose control and accidents occur. Moreover, the condition of all vehicles is not up to the mark. So, plying of these defective vehicles is another factor of the street accident.

Road accidents can cause irreparable loss and injure anyone any time badly. Sometimes it takes a toll of a great many lives. The effect of a road accident is pathetic. People lose their near and dear ones forever. The injured people due to accidents become a burden to the family their sufferings no know bound.
The defective vehicles should not be allowed to ply on the roads. Reckless driving should be severely dealt with. Streets and roads should be expanded. Proper planning is needed at the time of constructing roads. Modern and scientific traffic system should be introduced in cities and towns. The driving license should be issued after proper training and test. If all these steps can be taken properly, it will help to minimize accidents. Above all the people should be made aware of the dangers of an accident.

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