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Composition on My Pet Animal

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[Hints: Introduction, My pat, Description, Nature, Usefulness, My duty to Kitty, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Man keeps domestic animals for some specific works. Some of them are kept only for love’s sake. And they are called pets.

My pet: I have a pet of my own. She is a cat. I call her Kitty.

Description: Kitty is small but white. She is beautiful with her round face, bright eyes, and whisker.

Nature: Kitty is gentle by nature. She is always seen in the corner of my room. She always keeps clean and never steals food as cats habitually do. When I go to the table, she keeps mewing until I toss her some food. She is seen playing with my brothers and sisters. She never scratches them even in anger. She sleeps by day and awakes at night.

Usefulness: Kitty is a good insect-killer. She also kills small birds and insects. She lies in wait for hunting or preying harmful creatures. She makes our house free from all harms. She is a part of our family and a true friend of us.

My duty of Kitty: When I come back home, she runs directly towards me. I love her very much. I let her share my food three times. I always take a special care of it.

Conclusion: The gentle dealings of my Kitty please us all So we all arc found of her. We treat her with great care. In such a case, the net puts on the qualities of its keeper. And I am very happy about keeping such a pet as a kitty.

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