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Composition on My College/The College I Study In

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Question: Write a short composition on ‘Your College or The College You Study.”

Answer: The college where I study is a very reputed institution in our country. It is located at Kagmari, in the District of Tangail. It is only five kilometres away from Tangail town. It is two kilometres west from Shantosh where Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology is situated. Both Kagmari and Shantosh have become historically reputed because Maulana Bhasani spent his life at these two places.

In 1957, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani laid the foundation stone of Maulana Mohammad Ali college. It was named after the great leader of Khilafat’ movement. Maulana Bhasani was the political disciple of Maulana Mohammad All and he was greatly inspired when he was put into jail adjacent to the cell of Maulana Mohammad Ali.

The college is situated beside the Mazar of Hazrat Pir Shah Jaman, a great saint and spiritual leader. The college was nationalised in the year 1975 by the then President Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the request of Maulana Bhasani.

There are eighty teachers, three thousand students, and fifteen employees at our college. It has two four storied buildings and two three storied buildings. The offices for the Principal, vice principal, teachers, common room for the girl students, accounts office, examination control room are housed in a three storied building. I feel proud when I see my big auditorium on the college campus. There are a college canteen and a post office adjacent to it. The students take refreshment during the leisure times There is a one-storied building near the main gate where there are a students’ union office and students’ common room. Honours classes have been recently introduced on twelve subjects. The departmental offices of the related honours subjects are also housed in concerned buildings. Our Principal is a very learned man. His name is Dr Abdul Jabbar. Our vice-principal is also a renowned educationist. He is Dr Ahmed Hossain. Both of them are very learned and honest. All our teachers are very learned and efficient. They are very affectionate and careful to us. Whenever we have any problem with our lesson, they come forward to help us. The science laboratories at our college are very rich and resourceful.

We have got a separate library building. There is a huge collection of books in our library. Besides, there are two big ponds on the campus. There are wood and fruit trees around the pond. We sit and gossip under the shadow of the trees. In the middle of the campus, there is a big playground where we play football and cricket in the afternoon. There are two boys’ hostel and one girls’ hostel beside two ponds.

The college starts at 9 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. We get half an hour recess for lunch and Zohar prayer. When the classes come to an end, we rush to our home with a cheerful and a happy mood.

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