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Composition on A Visit to A Village Fair

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Question: Write your own experience about “A Visit to a Village Fair“.

Answer: A village fair is an exhibition of handicrafts and agricultural products made by the rural folk. Every year a fair is held at Daulatpur, a village in Serajgonj.

Last year, I, along with two other friends, paid a visit to this fair. Men and children from all walks of life gathered there. All the people from neighboring villages came to the fair. There were hue and cry. The noise of the surrounding place was deafening. The crowd was, indeed, so large that we had to make’ our way with great difficulty from one stall to another. There were different kinds of stalls here, there and everywhere. The fair was held in a large field under the open sky. The stalls were made in tents. This fair is held once a year. It is very important and attractive for the villagers, especially for the children.

We were amazed to see the hand-made things. Rural artisans and craftsmen brought various useful articles and offered for sale. Some stalls were selling fancy goods, some were selling toys, some were spices, while some were metal utensils or stationery articles. Agricultural products, grocery, and seasonal fruits were also sold at the fair. Among the fancy goods, there were dolls, ribbons, whistles, fans, magic wares, small looking-glasses etc were being sold. The most crowded shops and stalls were the sweetmeats ones. Children were especially attracted to the stalls of toys. We were charmed to see the earthenwares and wooden articles.

In another part of the fair, we saw arrangements for amusement. We found the circus show, magic show, puppet show and Jatra-party. The largest crowd gathered around the place where jugglers showed their feats. But in the corner of another part, some people were busy with gambling. This sight, to some extent, filled our mind with dissatisfaction.

Villagers usually long for such an occasion. The Government should encourage such kind of fair for the promotion of rural art and craft. At last, we left the fair with a happy mood.

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