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Composition on A Village Fair

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Introduction – Different parts – Attractions – Children’s corner – Conclusion

A village fair is an annual gathering in the market places. In the rural area, fairs are usually held in the months of Chaitra and 13asakh. Some fairs are also held- on the occasion of different festivals. Agricultural products, woodwork, bamboo work, clothS, fancy, toys, cosmetics, flutes and kites, and many other things are sold in the village fairs. The boys and girls look forward to these happy gatherings the whole year and collect money which they occasionally get from their parents. Such fairs attract a big crowd and become very interesting.

Some important people of the village organize and conduct the fair. They divide the area into different parts and allow each one to be used for the display of a particular thing. Besides the usual huts and stalls in the market area, more huts and stalls are set up to accommodate all the intending sellers. In fact, there are many rows in a village fair with a passage in between two of them.

The organizers of the fairs .spare no pains on making the whole areas as attractive as possible Generally such fairs last for a day or two though they start from the morning, they grow extremely attractive towards evening. Men women boys and girls flock to the fairs with their best clothes on. The bands play thrilling music- Numerous lights shine. Sellers display their things in attractive ways. They try to attract buyers in many peculiar ways. Buyers walk-on from row to row and from stall to stall. They buy things after their choice thus thousands of buyers go in and come out with smiling faces. A village fair is a place of good recreation. All who come here are happy and, contented.

To the children, in the fair, the greatest fun is Kr-plied by the merry-go-run and the feats displayed by the circus party with the help of trained horses monkeys beers, and tigers.

A village fair breaks the monotony of rural life and as such, it is very useful.

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