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Composition on A Famar Bird Of Bangladesh Or, The Crow

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[Hints: Introduction, Description; Kinds; Where found; Nature, Fellow feeling; Usefulness; Conclusion.]

Introduction: The crow is a common bird of Bangladesh. It rises very early in the morning and crows very loudly. this found everywhere. It is very black and ugly to look at. Its voice is harsh. Its body is covered with black feathers.

Description: The crow has two strong wings and a small head with two bright eyes. It has a sharp strong bill. It is very cunning by nature. It has ugly habits. Is eats all sorts of things- either fresh or rotten. It feeds on everything.

Kinds: There are many kinds of crows. The raven is the biggest of all. There are white crows in Australia. There is a kind of crow which has light black body and grey throat.

Where found: The crow is found all over the world.

Nature: The crow is very greedy and mischievous. It is always on the lookout for food. It is very clever. It steals away whatever it finds. It does not fear little children and takes away things of food from their hands. The crow builds its nest in high trees and lays eggs there. It disturbs us all day long. So, people do not like it.

Fellow feeling: The crow lives in swarms and has a fellow feeling. If a crow gets into any risk or is killed, other crows begin to crow loudly and peek at the enemy.

Usefulness: though the crow is a harmful bird, but it does some good to us. It eats up worms, dead bodies and many dirty things. Thus, it keeps our environment fresh and free from pollution.

Conclusion: Men dislike crow for its wicked and nasty habit. But they are never idle. They teach us unity and how to be active. So, we should be kind to her.

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